Saturday Nights - as told by Justin G.


Saturday Nights


"What are you doing Saturday night?"

is a question I get asked every week. Rarely by a girl, and sometimes by my boys, but always by myself.

My loneliness tries to get me to believe that this is the way it's supposed to be. It is even more amazing that I actually believe them.


Just like any belief system - loneliness is not content with being a state of mind, but something that wants to consume my life; it wants my Saturday nights. Sometimes I find myself believing the enemy, and the lies he masks as the truth. My unchecked emotions lead me down a world of pain and hinders my life.


The fight against loneliness is won and lost in my thoughts. I would believe that I'm more beyond the reach of my loved ones. I'm far more distance than I should be, and my grip with reality becomes more looser. At the point of impact, there is hope.


I'd miss the drive at sunset.

I'd miss the clouds change from blue to purple to black.

I'd miss the water change and glow the same.

I'd miss eating pizza on the beach and all of the conversations in between.


So when you ask 'what are you doing Saturday night?', please be aware that some people are fighting for a sense of community. It might not be easy and it doesn't come free, but the battle for that fellowship will always be worth the fight. If I didn't believe in a God who has revealed himself as a community, who has made it obvious from His Word, well I don't know where I would be. We humans were created to fellowship with one another.


I worship a God who says I am not alone. A God who says He is with me everywhere I go. He stays with me, even in my loneliness. He puts people in my life to spend those Saturday nights with. It doesn't matter who they or where they come from. I'm truly blessed to have loved ones in my life.


Here's to many more Saturday Nights.