Forever Sightseeing.


You know, I suppose I thought my first blog entry would be accompanied by a rich cup of spice chai with smooth jazz as my backdrop on some crisps fall afternoon. Instead, I sit patiently (probably at the wrong gate) for my 6 am flight to board from New Orleans to Kansas City. Of course, what is a Delta flight without the casual, yet semi stressful visit to Atlanta's Coliseum of an airport in between? With all things aside, this isn't about that spice chai (or therefore lack of) or even getting up before the majority of the city calls it a night. It's about the journey or narrative and how sometimes the off beaten path can be the best part. My two goals for this blog is to support the pursue of yours (The World's) narrative through documentary style photography. Secondly, I hope by sharing a bit of my own narrative that you all feel as much a part of my life as I do with some stories I hope to share. Some entries may be long and others will be super short. Some entries will be written by me, but there will be times when another thought provoking storytellers may chime in. Just sit back and settle down with some smooth jazz as there is quite a bit to share.